Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Ready!

So, the shots, doctor's appointments, shopping trips, and other forms of getting ready are well underway! I've already gotten meningicoccal and pneumonia, yellow fever and my first of tetanus. Just got officially declared TB free and have more malaria pills than the pharmacy knew what to do with!  I have appropriate clothing, (skirts and dresses only! Oh, if only the tomboy me of 4th grade could see me now...) am mentally preparing for the heat and humidity (anyone who knew me in South Bend knows that this will probably be one of my greatest challenges... oh joy). I'm taking aikido classes so I can defend myself, and  I officially have my plane ticket now, and presuming no flight delays, which undeniably unfortunately plague me with all of my travels, I'll be in Uganda by the last day of July.

I'm entirely blown away by the fact this is happening. I've been reading books, websites, and of course the ever pertinent wikipedia articles. But I feel that nothing can really prepare me for what's going to happen and how it'll be. I'm nervous, but also super excited!


  1. wow, Anna, it's hard to believe and I'm
    so proud and so aware of how we'll miss you.

  2. YOU MADE IT!! It's the last day of July and you are there! Proud of you, can't wait to get the next update. Hope you're having a blast, though it's 1:30 in the morning now so I hope you're having sweet dreams at this moment.